The mission of Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School is to develop respectful, responsible learners through a rigorous curriculum in a caring, diverse community.

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Name Assignment House-Area Room #
Mrs. Katie Koerperich-Roldan World Languages Exploratory 146
Ms. Sue Kohl Custodian N/A 249C
Ms. Brenda Konrardy Teacher   243
Ms. Gail Kutsch Social Studies 7-2 322
Ms. Zodine Landis Consumer Ed. Exploratory 258
Mr. Dale Lass Principal N/A 202C
Ms. Debbie Laufenberg Food Service N/A 240C
Mr. Frank Lavenz Paraprofessional 234
Mrs. Laurie Leiefeld Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Lisa Lenstra-Norman Language Arts 7-3 334
Mr. Bob Lentz Social Studies 8-1 312
Ms. Christine Link Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Michelle Long 163
Mrs. Tracey Long Secretary Attendance 202
Ms. Lisa Lueken Instructional Coach YCF Survey 6th - 7th - 8th 208B
Ms. Diana Luke 163
Mr. Tom Lytle Wellness Education Specialist 173A
Ms. Leah McMahon Language Arts 6-2 239
Ms. Jacqueline Maiers Paraprofessional 312
Ms. Louise Maus Paraprofessional PLP 205
Ms. Jennifer Meyer Science 7-3 330
Ms. Julie Miller Art Specialist 170
Mrs. Linda Meyer Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Kelly Molony Assistant Principal N/A 202B
Ms. Dawn Mueller Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Nancy Neumeister Science 7-2 320
Mr. Dan Norman Instrumental Music Specialist 163
Ms. Michelle Odegard Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Heidi Olson Wellness Education Specialist 171A
Mrs. Joan Overhouse Food Service N/A 240C
Mr. Kent Paca Wellness Education Specialist 173A
Mrs. Patti Pace-Tracy Keystone Administrative Contact   202
Ms. Amy Palm Math 8-2 116
Mrs. Cindy Paradiso Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Rita Parkin Custodian N/A 249C
Ms. Shannon Parrish Keystone Social Worker   202
Ms. Julia Parsons Paraprofessional   214
Ms. Deena Perry Paraprofessional 155B
Mrs. Pfeiler. . . . .The Cay Teacher For Fun . . . .ThinkFinity . . . . . Math 8-1 319A
Ms. Kathreen Pisarik Media Specialist Specialist 208
Ms. Jamie Porter Teacher 6-2, 7-1 229B
Ms. Judy Portzen China Social Studies Egypt. . .Mesopotamia 6-2 122
Mr. Dan Powers Counselor Guidance 202F
Ms. Christy Putchio Science 8-3 210
Mrs. Molly Richter Teacher 7-3 155B
Ms. Lynn Rigdon Math 7-1 226
Mrs. Brenda Robinson Paraprofessional   155B
Ms. Peggy Roling Keystone Physical Therapist   202
Ms. Julie Roos Math 6-3 126
Ms. Debora Ruden Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Tracey Rush . . Composer Report Orchestra Specialist 164
Ms. Brenda Sanders Paraprofessional 145
Ms. Peggy Schuster Food Service N/A 240C
Mrs. Amanda Schuster-Davis Teacher 7-1 229A
Mr. Kevin Schwendinger Social Studies 7-1 222
Ms. Pam Schwendinger Teacher 8-2 119A
Ms. Pam Sejkora Art Specialist 172
Ms. Cynthia Shaw Paraprofessional 222
Mrs. Robin Shultz Business Manager/Secretary   202
Ms. Tami Simon Food Service N/A 240C
Mrs. Sheila Sisler ELL    
Ms. Jennifer Smith Language Arts . . . . . Wanted Poster 6-1 134
Mr. John Smith Teacher   339A
Mr. Doug Spahn Health Specialist 145
Mrs. Julie Spahn Teacher   219B
Mrs. Vicky Stelzer Science 6-3 120
Ms. Heather Stewart Teacher 155B
Ms. Julie Stierman Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Sarah Stulken Instrumental Music Elementary 157
Mrs. Heidi Sutter Keystone Speech Pathologist   202
Ms. Bonnie Tiefel Math 6-2 236
Ms. Barbara Ties Food Service N/A 240C
Ms. Barb Waugh Teacher 6-1 162
Ms. Jackie Weeber Health Specialist 157
Mrs. Nancy Weiss Secretary Guidance 202
Mrs. Tracee Wellik Language Arts 8-2 114
Ms. Amanda Whaley Teacher . . . . . . Candidates 6-2 219B
Ms. Beth Whisler Teacher PLP 205
Ms. Betsy Wild Food Service N/A 240C
Mrs. Lori Wissing Paraprofessional   219B
Ms. Stephanie Yager Science 8-1 310
Ms. Andrea Yeager Paraprofessional   208
Mrs. Sandra Zillig Teacher   329A

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